The idea behind this podcast

My name is Stefan de Vries. I am a journalist living in Paris, I was born in the Netherlands, and my mother is German. I think I could describe myself as a real European. But I’m also an Anglophile. I grew up with Michael Caine and Marmite, with George Orwell and George Michael, with Adrian Mole and Andrew Marr, with a packet of crisps and a pint of lager… 

As a matter of fact, I have always been charmed by Britain and Britishness.

You can imagine I was pretty cheesed off when 17 million Britons decided to leave the European Union. And I wasn’t even asked a bloody thing! That’s why I started this podcast.

When the Brits will leave, in exactly six months from now, the Continent will be isolated. That’s why in the next half year I will talk to shopkeepers, grief counsellors, academics, bankers, wankers, relationship advisors, journalists and other interesting people all over Europe and maybe even to you, trying to find an answer to how we, Europeans are going to survive without our perfidious neighbours across the North Sea.