There is Fog in the Channel of course, but there is also a lot of mist hanging above the Atlantic Ocean. Many Americans have no idea what’s going on with Brexit. But fortunately, Amanda Sloat of the Brookings Institution in Washington DC is not one of them. She is an expert on US-EU relations and just published the paper Divided Kingdom: How Brexit is remaking the UK’s constitutional order.

Is it still possible that the UK will stay in the European Union after all? Can Article 50 be cancelled at will? Or is Brexit a done deal? Parisian lawyer and expert in European law Eleni Moraïtou will give us the answer, but a note to Remainers: don’t get your hopes too high.

And we’re going to speak in tongues. Alex Rawlings is fluent in fifteen languages and wrote the entertaining book How to Speak Any Language Fluently. He was born and raised in the UK but is now becoming a Brefugee .

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